A.M.E (Aircraft Maintenance Engineering)
(Approved by Director General of Civil Aviation, New Delhi, Govt. of India)

Mechanical – Aeroplane&Powerplant(60 seats only)

  • HA – Heavy Aeroplane
  • JE – Jet Engine
  • LA – Light Aeroplane
  • PE – Piston Engine

Duration : 6 semesters ( Each semester comprise of 6 months). The last semester is dedicated for On the Job Training (OJT) in a DGCA approved Aircraft Maintenance Organization.


At the end of each semester, examinations will be conducted by the college. DGCA representatives have the prerogative to get associated with the conduct of examinations in any manner deemed fit and necessary.

  1. All examinations are conducted strictly under the supervision of the Chief Instructor. Evaluation of results will be carried out by a committee and its decision will be final.
  2. Minimum for pass in AME examination is 70% in each of the subjects. Failed candidate will be permitted to appear for re-examination before the start of next session, in the same pattern of semester examinations and will be required to pay the prescribed re-examination fees.
  3. Only those students, who pass all the papers, will be promoted to the next semester. Students failed in more than two papers are back-phased to repeat their training along with their immediate juniors. Those who failed in one or two subjects are given one or more chance to clear the backlog by appearing simultaneously before their subsequent semester examinations. Those who fail repeatedly will be persuaded to discontinue the training.
  4. Students falling short of the stipulated percentage of attendance will also be back-phased.
  5. Monthly tests will be conducted regularly in order to prepare the students for semester examinations. The result will be intimated to parents by post.


It is mandatory for a student to put in a minimum of 80% attendance in every semester failing which He / She will not be permitted to appear for the examination. Deficiency in minimum stipulated percentage of attendance even on medical grounds cannot be condoned.


The A.M.E. License Examinations are conducted by DGCA thrice in every year. The first one will be in the month of February, the second one in the month of June and the third one in the month of October.The last date for submitting the application for these examinations will accordingly be the 15th December for February Examinations, the 15th April for June examinations and the 16th August for October Examinations.

Eligibility Conditions of Students of DGCA approved institutions to appear for A.M.E.License Examination, were notified through DGCA letter No:M/K1/Gen.1/1819 dated 19th February, 1996 are as under:

Paper I Students who have completed 1 years at this Institute and passed SemesterI&II.

Paper II Students who have completed 2 years at this Institute and have passed Semester III &IV .

Paper III Students who have completed 2 1/2 years at this Institute and have passed Semester V .

Minimum for pass is 70% in each of the subjects.

On completion of the courses, the students will become eligible for

  • Employment in Private Domestic Airlines in India and other countries.
  • Employment in International Airlines Corporations in India and Abroad.
  • Employment in the Aircraft Manufacturing & Maintenance Companies like HAL.
  • Employment in Air force/Air wings of Army and Navy.
  • Self-employment/employment in the areas of manufacturing spares/original equipments to the aircraft.
  • Employment in MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul) Subsidiaries started by government-owned airlines.
  • Employment in Air Charter Service Providers.

Anti Ragging Committee

Ragging is a criminal offence punishable under anti ragging laws. This heinous crime of whatever type is totally forbidden and it attracts summary suspension without enquiry.

Action shall include dismissal upon confirmation by the Anti-Ragging Committee.

The anti-ragging squad of Jawaharlal Aviation Institution is constituted as per the existing anti ragging laws.
Details of squad is listed below : –

  • Mr. Prabhakaran, Sr. CI, JAI chairman
  • Mr.Unnikrishnank, Sr. Instructor, JAI Member
  • Mr. Jayaprakash, Sr. Instructor, JAI Member
  • Mr. Mohandas T P, Office Co-ordinator, JAI Convenor

The squad shall meet every first and third Monday of every month or next working day if the Monday is a holiday and discuss the problem. The members will go round the institute frequently. Anybody coming across ragging should bring the matter to the notice of chairman/vice chairman/convener immediately.