Director’s Message – Nehru College of Architecture

Director’s Message

Ar. Prof. Keshav Gangadhar

M.Arch. (Environmental Architecture), B.Arch, AIIA.

Nehru Group of Institutions has made stellar contributions to the field of education in Tamil Nadu and Kerala since 1968. NGI now aspires to extend this philosophy to the field of architecture and design with the establishment of Nehru College of Architecture (NCA). Architecture as a profession has witnessed remarkable changes in India over the last two decades. The rapid pace of globalization which was spurred by liberalization has dramatically impacted the built environment of our towns and cities. The buildings which we design affect the way we carry out our daily activities, our health, interactions with other individuals and society, and over a period of time shape our very culture. The Government of India’s focus on the development of “smart cities” will provide added impetus to the real estate and infrastructure boom. There is a great demand for architects who are not only creative but also possess the capability to lead inter-disciplinary teams of building professionals. Architecture is primarily the design of the built environment, but at its heart it is a potent mix of art, science, technology, social sciences, history, anthropology, theory, business, and poetry. At NCA we will strive to create well-rounded professionals who will be future design leaders. The rigorous design training that our students are exposed to, will help them to tackle complex design issues in real life. The architecture education that we impart here will provide students a springboard to diversify into allied professions like interior design, project management, art direction, product design and planning. Our accomplished faculty possess a wealth of experience in academics and the profession. They have an eclectic range of backgrounds, interests, and experiences. Thus learning to design will be exciting and stimulating. The institution is young, but the time and the place is just right. An education at NCA will open the doors for challenging professional opportunities. Now is the time to choose architecture as a career option, and on behalf of the institution I’d like to welcome you and thank you for your interest in the architecture program at NCA.
Director & Professor, Nehru College of Architecture