Nehru Consultancy Cell – Nehru College of Architecture

Nehru Consultancy Cell

Nehru Consultancy Cell has been formed under the Chief Patronage of Adv.Dr.P.Krishnadas Chairman & Managing Trustee in Nehru College of Architecture, Jawahar Gardens, Lakkidi, Palakkad District, Kerala adhering to the broad guidelines stipulated by the Council of Architecture, New Delhi. This is intended to encourage and involve faculty members in professional practice and keep abreast of the latest techniques and development.The following Faculty members of Nehru College of Architecture form the Nehru Consultancy Cell which will purely function as an Institutional Consultancy Practice.

  • Ar. Prof. Keshav Gangadhar – Director & Professor, NCA
    Bio-climatic & Energy Efficient Design
    Architectural Design – Campus Planning & Institutional Design
    Housing Complexes
    Residential Design
    Cost-Effective Design
    Landscape Design
  • Ar. K. Swetha (Associate Professor)
    Architectural Design – Campus planning
    Residential (Vaastu-based) buildings
    Inter Design – Offices
  • Ar. S. Karl Marx (Assistant Professor)
    Architectural Design – High-rise buildings
    Institutional buildings
    Landscape Design – Eco-Resorts & Holiday Resorts
    Swimming Pool designs
  • Eby Viswanath (Asst. Professor)
    Site Planning
    Natural Heritage Conservation
  • Ar. Jinju Ann Johnson (Asst. Professor)
    Architectural Design – Commercial Complexes
    Health Environments & Psychiatric Hospitals