Our Vision & Mission – Nehru College of Architecture

Our Vision & Mission

Nehru College of Architecture is dedicated to providing the highest quality professional educational experience for its students. Through a broad range of general and professional courses, the curriculum strives to enable students to define architectural problems, select and articulate appropriate solutions, and balance human needs with consideration for the overall environment.

Apart from striving to set a benchmark for other institutions to emulate in the way we facilitate students to learn architecture, primarily NCA’s philosophy is oriented towards an idea of architecture which is in sync with the natural environment – architecture “of the land” and not “on the land”. NCA will endeavor to embrace the traditional ethos of Kerala architecture even while working within contemporary times.
This vision is sought to be reinforced by interaction with architects who respond to the local context and vernacular traditions, right from the first year, so that the students could recognize the merits of an architecture which appreciates nature and context. This approach would inspire them to follow a similar path.Nehru College of Architecture should be, and will be perceived by the community, as being the center of excellence for leadership, discovery, and delivery of disciplinary and multidisciplinary knowledge on all current and emerging aspects of architectural design.

Nehru College of Architecture will

• Be acknowledged as one of the pioneering institutions of architecture in India, attracting the best students, and faculty;
• Prepare profession and society-ready graduates with the ability to think creatively and analytically, and be capable of design interventions       in rural and urban areas;
•Be involved in basic and applied disciplinary and multi-disciplinary exploration of knowledge with active participation in the design          profession by graduate and undergraduate students; and
• Be engaged in local, state, and national social and economic development

Nehru College of Architecture is committed to the principles of

• Mutual respect; cooperation and communication within the College, the University and the community;
• Creativity and innovation;
• Community service and leadership;
• Academic and intellectual freedom; and
• Pursuit of excellence.


• Attain national recognition as a pioneering program in undergraduate and graduate education
• Attain national recognition as a centre of distinction in research
• Reinforce partnerships and alliances to enhance the quality of education, research, and outreach
• Augment public support of the institution
• Foster an environment that encourages recruitment and retention of excellent and diverse faculty, staff, and student body