About | Department of Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering is the mother of Engineering. Shelter is one of the basic needs of mankind and is the main concern of a Civil Engineer. Economic growth of any nation is closely linked with planning and development of infrastructure. Civil Engineering is mainly concerned with controlling, harnessing and utilizing of natural resources in a sustainable manner for the benefits of mankind.

Different realms of Civil Engineering deals with Structural Engineering (analysis and design of different structures), Geotechnical Engineering (study of the mechanics and properties of soil), Building Technology (study of building materials and construction techniques), Environmental Engineering, Water Resources Engineering, Surveying, Building Drawing, Construction Costing, Estimating and Construction Management.

To mould quality engineers to meet the technological challenges of the world.

To equip the students sufficiently resourceful, so as to work with the fraternity of civil engineering and to build a vital infrastructure structurally adequate, functionally efficient, those can cater the diversified needs of the society, through the sustained effort of the individual.