About | Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering


  • To become a centre of academic excellence and research in the field of ECE to raise engineers with international standards and ethical values with the ability to apply acquired knowledge to find solutions for technologically challenging practical problems.


  • To impart high quality education through innovative and comprehensive instructional materials
  • Establishing suitable environment for students to nurture talent and to obtain entrepreneurial skills and leadership qualities for self and social development
  • To develop research linkage with leading organizations in India
  • To cultivate a committed group of faculty striving for excellence in teaching and research
  • To provide ethical and value based education for promoting a sense of responsibility towards nation building, social causes and environment conservation

UNDER GRADUATION COURSE (Bachelor in Technology)
By the time the students graduate, they may have decided to specialize in any one of the following fields like microprocessors, electronics, communication system, electronics product design, satellite and mobile communication etc. Probably this can get extended beyond the particular stream of electronics engineering, if the study modules within Jawaharlal College of Engineering and Technology (JCET). JCET trains the students scientifically and systematically with very rigorous initial groundings in fundamental concepts to gradual and continuous increase in complexity and applied technologies. A significant proportion of total time of student is spent in laboratory work and library. Enormous volumes of references available in the library enables the students to get sufficient knowledge related topics of the subjects. Periodicals, magazines and journals related to innovative and advanced topics in communication engineering are available in the library.

POST GRADUATION COURSES (Master in Technology)
The department offers 4 semester course in M.Tech Applied Electronics & Communication Systems and M.Tech Communication Engineering & Signal Processing with an intake of 18 students for each course. These programmes provides a balance between the   different wide-ranging subjects covering the area of Applied Electronics ,Communication, Signal Processing and the field of electronic design . Applied Electronics & Communication System provides students with sound theoretical & practical training in the operation and design of electronic instruments, digital logic systems, and computer based automatic process control etc. Communication Engineering & Signal Processing deals with the analysis, study, interpretation and manipulation of signals. The signals may be audio image video ECG EEG signals captured by communication receivers, seismic signals etc . Post Graduate courses  aims to train the students to be employed in multi-disciplinary areas including allied academic disciplines. These courses instills technical, communicative and life skills to prepare the students not just for technical roles but for leadership roles as well.