Facilities | Department of Computer Science Engineering

The Department has 7computer labs equipped with necessary softwares and hardwares

  1. NETWORK LABORATORY-60 systems with windows and linux as operaing systems
  2. ADS LABORATORY-48 systems with windows7 as operaing systems
  3. SYSTEMS LABORATORY-50 systems with windows7 as operaing systems
  4. CAD LABORATORY-64 systems with windows 7 and 8.1
  5. PROGRAMMING LABORATORY-55 systems with windows and linux as operaing systems
  6. INTERNET LABORATORY-54 systems with windows and linux as operaing systems

JCET provides world class technical education and training in the field of computer science and Engineering.It consist of more than 330 computers with windows and linux as operating systems.The primary purpose of network lab for academic research ,study and class assignments. Cse department provides faster internet access facility for providing the students with greater oppurtunities to have their particular talents and knowledge skills.The students and teachers can use the lab faciliities on their free time for doing their project,seminars and other report works etc.Each laboratories provides the facilities for conducting programming courses for python,java, and other languages.Online sessions for examinations and other workshops can conduct smoothly with varieties of application softwares