Facilities | Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering

The function of the engineering profession is to manipulate materials, energy, and information, thereby creating benefit for humankind. To do this successfully, engineers must have a knowledge of nature that goes beyond mere theory—knowledge that is traditionally gained in educational laboratories. Students learn in a real world environment, function as team members, discuss the planning of experiments, and share ideas about the analysis and interpretation of data. Most engineering instruction took place in the laboratory and it demands the active use of knowledge and skill. The department constantly updates its infrastructure facilities to keep abreast as per the technology changes and curriculum. Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering has eight laboratories/workshop which represent to the curriculum for different semesters.

  1. Basic Electronics Workshop
  2. Electronic Circuits Lab
  3. Analog and Digital Communication Lab
  4. Digital Electronics Lab
  5. Microprocessor and Microcontroller Lab
  6. DSP & Advanced Communication Lab
  7. Power Electronics Lab
  8. Project Lab