IOT Laboratory

The Internet of Things lab (IoT lab) has been set up at the Jawaharlal College of Engineering & Technology (JCET) as an initiative of the IEDC-JCET and the Kerala Start-up Mission in September 2016.

The Internet of Things (IoT) has spread into most of the businesses in the modern world. It has become an integral and inevitable part of our daily lives. This technique will improve public safety, intelligent tracking in transportation, industrial wireless automation, machine to machine communication and personal health monitoring in healthcare with better information and faster communications. The main goal of this FDP is to expand awareness, educate, inform and engage on all aspects of the Internet of Things (IoT) including components, technologies, products, application, consumer usage and societal impact.

The IoT lab aims to build up technical expertise and to foster a culture of entrepreneurship in IoT domain. The lab provides students and faculty access to latest tools and resources in IoT.